Monday, March 23, 2009

We apologize...

We haven't posted in so long that I'v decided to put up a few months worth of notes and pictures. Sorry for the sideways pictures, Shayla likes to turn the camera in all sorts of directions and even after trying to correct them, they still came out like this.

To explain some of these pictures: Shayla decided for some reason to put my son's hair into ponytails and make him to do some weird faces. I can't stop all this type of nonsense that happens while I'm at work so this is the result. I think I need to do an intervention with Shayla. 

The picture of me on the plane looking so stupid is a result of us being placed into business class on our flight to California. The seats reclined into beds and each seat had little cubbies for our shoes and TVs for every passenger. We tried to look like we belonged but when we were taking pictures and the flash was lighting up the cabin and our uncontrollable giggling gave us away as poor common folk with no dignity.  

Christmas has past and the birthdays are rolling through. Ian had his fifth birthday and we celebrated it at Peter Piper Pizza. He got a lot of great gifts and he is now looking forward to kindergarten. He also got his first bike.

Katie celebrated her third Birthday this month with an old fashioned birthday at the house. We made it an animal barn theme since she loves all animals to death. We built a small barn out back and corralled all the kids in there so they could look and play with all manner of animals (they were stuffed animals but the kids didn't know any better). 

School ends soon for me and I'm preparing to enter the adult world and start to take responsibility for my family. Shayla has not had much respect for me since we moved into her parents house over 2 1/2 years ago. Maybe I can prove to her that I can be the man of the house and provide for her needs. I applied for US Customs and I am awaiting a phone call informing me of a job. In anticipation of a long wait, I applied for Border Patrol on the Washington State border. I did well on my written test and oral interview so the chances of me being called by them before Customs is a good bet. 


JB said...

WASHINGTON???????? There's no excitement there. What fun is a border without drug lords?
I really wish you'd have run this by me before hand.

shayla said...

See, the great thing about the northern border from what I understand is that the illegal immigrants isn't the main problem, it's the drugs and people refusing to abide by our laws by not syaing, "eh"

peter5 said...

I like Washington, we will see you much more frequently. Fingers and toes are crossed.

Mr. Mustachio said...

Ian looks like Coolio! Does he ask you to come along and ride on a fantastic voyage?

shayla said...

No, but he always recites some poem about a paradise and gangstas. I'm not sure where he gets it from but halfway through he always stops and asks me where the fat man who sings his chorus is. Kids have wild imaginations.